Kobold Keep, Lvl 1

KOBOLD KEEP: A lvel 1 adventure for 4-5 players D&D5e
by DM Renevion of Damsels and Dingbats

Part One: Kobold Tactics.

Pcs are travelling along the edge of the Vicegrove Forest along the Kings Road when they are ambushed by a small group of Kobolds. The filthy creatures hide in the nearby woods making them all but impossible to see until they spring out on the group. (Perception DC 15). The Kobolds fight until killed. After the fight several other kobolds flee deeper into the woods. If PCs follow See “THE KEEP
(3) Kobold). If PCs continue on thier way the next village they come too is Rosenwall a few miles further up the road.


Rosenwall is a small village built around a Temple of Ehlonna. Beyond the occasional merchant passing through, few stop in the village so PCs draw curious gazes as they do. PCs will only be in town a short while before the local Temple Official approaches them asking if they are adventurers and if so if they are for hire.

Temple Official: Marta Dyernina is a female human, recognizable for her piercings. She has high Wisdom and low Dexterity. She has a talent: she is a skilled actor and master of disguise. She tends to tap her fingers and is honest in her dealings with others. She is protective of colleagues or compatriots. If you asked her, she would say that her Ideal is, “Self-sacrifice!” If she has a flaw, it is that she has committed a secret crime or misdeed.

The Quest: Lately Kobolds and Goblins have been attacking travelllers in the area. Marta has reason to believe they are using a local ruins as a den. They seem to be far bolder than would be expected which leads her to believe someone or something is leading the pests. If this is the case they could soon pose a serious threat to the local area. Marta asks if PCs would be willing to escort one of her clerics to the ruined keep to investigate the matter. She is willing to pay the group 100 gold on behalf of the temple if they insure Anton returns safely.

If the party agrees to the quest Marta Introduces one of her Priests, Anton Basha , a male human who will lead them to the keep

Anton is recognizable for his flamboyant or outlandish clothes. He has high Strength and low Constitution. He has a talent: he speaks several languages fluently. He tends to chew on something he’s holding and is honest in his dealings with others. He is captivated by a romantic interest. If you asked him, he would say that his Ideal is, “Charity!” If he has a flaw, it is that he has a specific phobia.
Anton is a non combatant and will do his best to stay clear of the fights.If needed he can cast Cure Wounds (1d8+3) twice.

PCs travelling too the Keep find the short hike into the nearby woods uneventful.
If Pcs followed the Kobolds here from the origional attack and have not been too the village yet they meet Anton Basha on thier way to the keep. He explains whats been going on and offers PCs gold to escort him as defined in Part One.
PART TWO: The Keep


The ruined Keep Key
1.) (4) Goblin, Looting (Dragging a sack containing mostly trash. Hidden amidst the junk however can be found a small ivory statue depicting a large eagle [7gp], a shabby bronze flute [3gp], a beautiful gold torc with a sad snake motif [8gp] and a small locked ironwood coffer containing a sack of 20 gold and an Azurite gemmed silver Bracelet [50g coffer][20g Bracelet]
2.) (2) Hobgoblin. (One carries a note penned in poor common, see Revelation)
3.) Secret Entrance into Caves Below
4.) Specter guarding a coffin in which rests its remains which wears a beautiful silver pendant set with polished Onyx [40g]


The Caves Key
5.) (8) Scorpion
6.) (5) Kobold
7.) Secret hollow in floor contains a sack of moonstones. (3)[10geach]
REVELATION: Anton gathers through his investigation that the Kobolds and Goblinoids are working for a dragon named Veth. Veth is seeking a new lair in the area to expand his territory and has sent his minions out to find just such a place. According too one of the Hobgoblins (or a note on aid hobgoblins corpse) The dragon is preparing to enact a ritual to become a dracolich during the next blood moon. After this occurs he will be powerful enough to dominate the entire region and plunder the remains for its horde…
Part Three: Temples Call
Upon returning too Marta Dyernina at the temple in Rosenwall Anton reveals what they have learned. The Temple Official listens with growing concern. If this is true the dragon must be stopped but legend has it that Veth cannot be killed by normal weapons. Only a blade forged in the blood of a hero is said to be strong enough and sharp enough to penetrate the dragons hide and Marta has heard of only one such blade near enough to be claimed in time. The Dawn Blade rumored to be sealed in a heroes tomb deep in the Vicegrove forest. If the land is to be spared, the tomb must be found and the Dawn Blade recovered by the next blood moon which is only 3 weeks away. An impossible task. There is no one in Rosenwall capable of fetching the blade and no time too seek a capable group…. unless……

PCs Gain Level 2

Kobold Keep, Lvl 1

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